Undergraduate Studies
       Postgraduate Studies

In parallel to the study and teaching of Ancient Greek and European Philosophy (Medieval - Modern) at an undergraduate and postgraduate level, K. Th. Petsios has oriented his academic interests towards research into the manuscript Modern Greek philosophical tradition. Nearly all his earlier and more recent studies make use of unknown and, in many cases, undocumented sources. Through a process of hermeneutic reconstruction of the evidence, he has attempted to shape the theoretical framework within which one can inscribe the philosophical connections between Ancient Greek, European (Medieval and Modern) and Modern Greek (from the 15th to the 20th century) thought. He has also contributed to that end through the editions of philosophical manuscripts, which include texts by Nikephoros Klarontsanos (1645), Nikolaos Koursoulas (1602-1652), Gerassimos Vlachos (1605/7-1685), Anastasios Papavasilopoulos, Vicentios Damodos (1700-1754), Methodios Anthrakites (post 1748), Matthaios (Meletios) Typaldos (1648-1713), Georgios Sougdouris (1645/7-1725), Eugenios Voulgaris (1716-1806), Theodoros Kavalliotes (1718;-1789)  and Athanasios Psalidas (1767-1829).

In the Masters’ Theses and Doctoral Dissertations that were undertaken or are being completed under his supervision, philosophical inquiry is shaped by the apparent boundary of Ancient Greek, European and Modern Greek thought.

Operational Program «Information Society». Measure 1.3 (Documentation, exploitation and showcasing of Hellenic Culture. Action Line 1. Education, Culture). Actions 1.4 and 2.5. Proposal 65. Project funded in part by the European Union: Co-funding at 80% by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and 20% by the Ministry of Finances (through national resources).